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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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TBS B&>Hj£-SrDH£Nn>HI.                                           207

15.    " Ah ! when shall I behold Badha, with downcast eyes,baslifully steal-
?n^ a distant glance at the moon-like orb of the face of the lord of lovers, as she
r- f j,s -with twinkling feet, all graceful in her movements, to the music of her
<-,wn bangles ?
16.    ** When, 0 Radha, will you fall asleep, while my hands caress yonr
r*^tj after I have tenderly bathed you and fed yon with sweet things, wearied
Tith yonr vigil through a night of dalliance In the inmost bower,  in the
delicious embrace of your paragon of lovers ?
17.    "0 that the ocean of wit» the singular ocean of love's delights, the
ocean of tenderness, the ocean of exuberant pitifulness, the ocean of loveliness,
the ocean of ambrosial beauty and grace, the oeeaa of wantonness, Blessed
Badhika, would manifest herself In my soul*
18.    w 0 that the daughter of Vrista-bhana, looking up all tremulous and
glistening in every limb like the flowering champa, would clasp me in her armsj
charmed by my chanted praises of Syam~SEndar5 as she listens for the sound of
Ms pipe !
19.    " Blessed Badhika, cool me with the multiplicity of love that breathes
in the swan-like melody of the girdle that Mads your loins reddened with
dalliance, and in the tinkling of the bangles, like- tie buzzing of beesf clustered
round your sweet loins feet.
W. a Blessed EadHM, wreaihed with the surge of a Ganges wave of
heavenly dalliance, with lovely lotos face and navel as a whirl in the stream,
hastening on to the confluence with Krishna, that ocean of sweetness, draw
near to me.
21.    " When, 0 Messed BMMk&, shal I rest upon my head your lotos feel;,
GoTiad's life and all, that ever rain down upon the faithful abundant torrents
of the honeyed flood of the ocean of perfect love ?
22.    " When, 0 Badha, stately as an elephant In gait, shall I accompany
you to the bower of assignation to show the way3 bearing divinely sweet sandal
wood and perfumes and spiee% as yon maidb in the excitement of lovers rapture?
23.    " 0 Blessed Radha, having gone   to some sednded slope of  the
Jamimfi and there nibbing with fragrant unguents your ambrosial limbs, the very
life of Love, when shall I see your prince of lusty swains, with longing eyes?
mounted on some high Jwdtmb iaree ?